Why is Email Continuity important?

In today’s environment, email continuity is critical for every business. When your email is down, your business can become crippled and employee productivity grinds to a halt. Email continuity can serve as a valuable asset for eliminating email downtime. However, traditional systems required expensive services that many organizations couldn’t simply afford. That is where MXGuardian comes in – we provide an easy-to-use option for small and medium sized businesses to ensure that emails are always flowing.

Email Continuity

How can MXGuardian help us?

As a leader in cloud email services for businesses, MXGuardian provides email continuity services that practically eliminate email downtime due to a server or ISP outage. Once an outage is experienced, MXGuardian will either route your mail to a secondary mail server, or hold your mail in our queue until the issue is resolved. Users can login to our easy-to-use control panel to view their messages even while your mail server is offline. This allows your users to remain productive and allows IT staff time to address the outage without the risk of losing important emails. Once the issue is resolved, MXGuardian automatically pushes the queued messages to your mail server as if the outage had never happened.

Benefits of Email Continuity

  • Provides access to important email during an unplanned outage.
  • Prevents emails from bouncing back to your customers and partners.
  • Automatically pushes queued email through when possible (i.e. store-and-forward).
  • Can place messages ‘on hold’ as needed to perform routine maintenance and migrations.
  • Access to 30 days of message history with the ability to resend lost or deleted emails.

Ready to learn more about email continuity?

The experts at MXGuardian are always here to assist with your email security needs. Our offices are open seven days a week, and we’re always happy to help small and medium-sized businesses who manage their own email infrastructure and need our help. With over ten years of experience with inbound and outbound email filtering, you can count on us. Contact us to start the conversation with one of our consultants today.

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