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Is Artificial Intelligence a Game Changer for Cyber Crime Prevention?

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Crime Prevention

The growth and development of technology as it relates to cybersecurity is constantly evolving, with new software and digital strategies continually being developed in order to better prevent businesses and personal technology against cybercrime.

But, what about Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Within the last decade – even in the last two years, AI and machine learning have taken over the internet, delivering unquestionable results for industries like marketing, healthcare, design, and customer service, however, what role does it play in cybercrime prevention?

Well, in this blog, the experts at MXGuardian have created a guide to review the world of AI and how it’s currently being utilized to detect and prevent common cybersecurity issues like phishing, malware and spam.

How is AI Changing the Game for Cyber Security?

Let’s start with understand what AI actually is and the role it plays in cybersecurity.

Artificial Intelligence, also commonly just shortened to “AI” is essentially a computer program that takes on the analytical learning of a human brain. Using developed code and provided data, AI can help industries better predict patterns and outcomes based on previous algorithms.

While AI and machine learning are technically still in the early stages and can’t be 100% relied upon for completely accurate information, this type of technology has made monumental moves in cybersecurity prevention for its ability to detect threats before they occur. In partnership with a trusted cybersecurity service provider, businesses can feel safer knowing their information is protected.

Five Ways AI is Enhancing Cyber Crime Detection and Prevention

Now that we’ve explained AI and provided a bit of background information, we can look at how AI is enhancing cyber crime detection and prevention for businesses all over the globe.

Incident Response

As AI powered systems can often deliver security alerts faster than human detection, vulnerabilities to emails or other devices are able to be prioritized and dealt with immediately. For businesses who rely on technology and communication internally or with clients, having a faster response time for incidents is optimal.

Patterns and Adaption Development

The real benefit to AI incorporation for cybersecurity lies in its ability to detect issues and patterns and create an algorithm that identifies similar threats. Machine learning itself it entirely based on pattern recognition and adaption, which is perfect for businesses who require technology to mitigate any vulnerabilities for the future.

User Authentication Support

AI is not only beneficial for identifying cybersecurity threats, but keeping internal communications and access control strong. User authentication support ensures that the right people are accessing sensitive information and keeping any suspicious activity at bay based on pre-programmed user information.

IT Asset Understanding

AI is uniquely designed to understand your business’ data and information in order to prevent threats against it. The benefit to this is that it truly does understand everything – from your devices, users, and applications, it’s creates an internal asset inventory of all your systems, helping to prioritize and manage your information.

New Threat Detection and Protection

Hackers are always changing their strategy; as technology develops, so does cybercrime, which is why having an AI powered cybersecurity prevention system in place is ideal for businesses who want up-to-date knowledge of industry-specific threats and how to address them.

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