Our Commitment to Racial Justice and Equity

MX Guardian is firmly opposed to systemic and institutional racism. We passionately believe that Black lives matter. We recognize that racist language is scattered throughout the software and information technology fields. MX Guardian acknowledges that there are things we can do to address this within our own organization.

Terms such as “Whitelist” and “Blacklist”, which are commonly used in our industry, are based on the concept of white=good and black=bad. In fact, these terms make no sense outside of that historical, societal context. In a 2018 paper from the University of Limerick and Limerick Institute of Technology, the authors wrote: “The use of such terms does not merely reflect a racist culture, but also serves to legitimize and perpetuate it.”

As a result, MX Guardian will be replacing the terms “Whitelist” and “Blacklist” with “Allow List” and “Block List” across all our sites, marketing materials, and support documentation. These terms are not only racially neutral but also more adequately describe the purpose of each list.