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What is a Secure Email Gateway?

What is a Secure Email Gateway?

Businesses face many threats to their online cyber security, which is why advanced email filtering and anti-spam technology are now essential. Preventing not only familiar threats but also preparing for unknown threats requires using advanced machine-learning and heuristics technology to detect all threats to email security.

An enterprise email security gateway is often a primary line of defense for businesses that want to avoid unfamiliar threats. Enterprise email security is software that supports email security by monitoring emails sent and received for suspicious and malicious activity.

How Does a Secure Email Gateway Work?

A Secure Email Gateway (SEG) functions as a gatekeeper for all incoming and outgoing emails; acting as a firewall, it will stop emails that may have suspicious content or be sent by a malicious scammer before the email gets to the intended receiver.

To stop potentially harmful emails from going directly to a recipient, a secure email gateway must analyze each email’s content, looking for and filtering out spam, phishing links, malware, and other more advanced email-borne threats. An email security gateway will look for suspicious content within each email and check the domain for all incoming emails for scammers. If an email is found to have anything malicious, it will be rejected or quarantined.

Why Is an Enterprise Email Security Gateway Important?

Hackers have developed many advanced methods for attacking businesses’ emails with cyber threats, from phishing attacks to denial of service attacks and ransomware.  These hackers threaten businesses’ security and cause data breaches that seek to steal sensitive information and valuable data.

A secure email gateway is one of the most effective ways to prevent such attacks, saving your business’s essential data and protecting your company’s brand and reputation. It is a vital email security strategy that works best with other conscious efforts and techniques to stop threats, including training employees to spot potential threats.

Create A Secure Email Gateway for Your Business

At MXGuardian, we offer the best email security solutions to help you with email security, from blocking ransomware attacks, subscription bombing, phishing imposters, and more. Our cloud-based spam filtering software provides specialized features to keep your business, employees, and customers safe.

Compatible with any email server platform, including Office 365 and Google Workspace, our cloud-based spam filtering solution provides extremely fast, reliable, and customizable spam and email filtering protection.

MXGuardian has the best email threat protection, which is why we can offer unlimited messages, unlimited domains, no contracts, free US-based technical support, risk-free trials, and anytime cancellations. Contact one of our experienced and skilled representatives today who can help you understand your business’s current security and find solutions that work for your business’s unique needs.

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