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Why Do Most Cyberattacks Begin with an Email?

Why Do Most Cyberattacks Begin with an Email?

Email scamming has become a $12,000,000,000 industry over the last few years, and this number continues to grow yearly. These are serious crimes, and individuals fall for these scams every second. You will receive an email that appears to be from a legitimate company such as Amazon, American Express, Norton, etc. The email will ask you to sign in to your account, and the login screen will resemble the company’s login page. Once signed in, the scammers then scan your emails for login information, bank account information, credit card information, account logins, and other personal information.

Why Do Most Cyberattacks Begin with an Email?

Almost everyone in this entire world has an email account, and many companies post their email accounts online. Many businesses publish employees’ work emails on their websites. Scammers can then easily copy from a website and send a spam email. Many scammers use “scraping” software that will scrape websites for email addresses to make it even easier to send hacking emails. For example, scammers recreate Amazon order emails and fake login pages, so an individual wouldn’t even realize they’re not logging into Amazon until it’s too late.

What happens once they have my login information?

The cyber-attack attempts start as soon as the scammers have your login information. At this point, the scammers try to get into computer systems to disable computers and steal sensitive data. Individuals, businesses of all sizes, government organizations, and non-profits have seen cyber attacks. Anyone with an email address is vulnerable to scams, phishing attacks, and cyber-attacks. Many county governments had to pay ransoms because they didn’t have properly secure networks.

What can I do to help prevent email scams or phishing attacks?

MX Guardian is your starting point! Our sophisticated software works with your current mail server to protect your business by blocking email threats before reaching your network. Our filtering technology offerings a complete package, including:

  • Multi-layer content analysis, including SPF, DMARC, public & private RBLs, URL filtering, attachment scanning, Bayesian analysis, custom rules, and more.
  • Double anti-virus protection. Every message is scanned twice by two different AV engines.
  • Daily quarantine report for easy review by users or administrators.
  • Full support for TLS encryption at the SMTP layer.

Why should I work with MX Guardian for email spam filtering?

MX Guardian is a cloud-based email spam and malware filtering service that works silently in the background to protect your users from phishing attacks, viruses, spam, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, and other email threats. It frees up your mail server, so it only has to deal with legitimate messages and provides a backup MX service to prevent messages from bouncing if your server is temporarily down or unreachable.

MX Guardian is designed for businesses, ISPs, web-hosting companies, or anyone who has a domain that receives the email. We’re also compatible with popular cloud platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite.

How do I sign up for email spam filtering?

Click here to begin your free 30-day trial. The setup process is quick and easy: sign up (no credit card required), change your MX record to point to MX Guardian, and say goodbye to spam with 99% accuracy! If you have questions, feel free to contact us at 866-788-1414 or send us a message through the contact form.

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