Complete Email Security Solutions, Made Simple

Advanced, industry-leading email security protection expertly built to detect cybersecurity threats and prevent data loss for businesses nationwide.

Advanced Email Security Protection for Your Business

Complete Threat Prevention
Our complete email security plans include a variety of threat prevention strategies that leverages advanced ML tactics to stay ahead of cybersecurity criminals.
Simplified Operations & Cost Savings
Reduce IT and network management costs with our consolidated, email security that takes place all in the cloud, on our servers.
Data Security Protection
Ensure your confidential business and employee data is completely protected against phishing attacks and embedded malware with integrated email security.

How it Works

Email Security Is Our Thing

Protect Against Zero-Day Attacks

Traditional email security software is only effective against known threats. MXGuardian Email Security uses advanced machine-learning and heuristics technology to detect abnormal patterns in your mail flow, making it one of the best email security solutions available.

Block Ransomware

Phishing is one of the most common ransomware attack vectors. MXGuardian Email Security software scans all URLs to stop never-before-seen ransomware and phishing sites, and to protect against email threats.

Thwart Spear Phishing Imposters

Trust your inbox again with MXGuardian Email Security’s anti-phishing filters. Our sophisticated algorithm detects spear phishing attacks and blocks addresses that impersonate internal personnel.

Prevent Subscription Bombing

Top email security solutions block subscription bombing. Empower your team to stay alert and focus on legitimate leads with our advanced email filtering and anti-spam technology.

MXGuardian’s Key Email Security Features

Spam Filtering
Spam, viruses, and phishing emails are safely quarantined on our servers before reaching your network.
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As one of the key features of our email security software, we’re able to use spam filtering as a way to detect potentially dangerous emails before they reach your employees.

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Outbound Email Filtering
Safeguard your company's reputation and ensure email deliverability.
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Security breaches can lead to spam coming from email addresses that belong to your organization. Outbound email filtering protects your reputation by filtering spam emails and preventing them from reaching your contacts.

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Email Continuity
In the event your server is down, we prevent messages from bouncing by keeping them in our queue until your server is back online.
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With a backup MX server, email continuity is possible. You’ll never fail to receive important communications with MXGuardian.

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Message Archiving
View all messages entering and exiting your network in real time. Search archived messages, confirm delivery, and recover deleted items.
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With message archiving your team will have plenty of inbox space, and email that works at full speed. Message archiving is a great email recovery solution for messages that you don’t foresee using again, but that may unexpectedly meet a future need.

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